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Learn more on Search Engine Optimisation strategies to rank your website top on Google and generate more traffic.

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Welcome to SEO Pulse

If you’ve been asking yourself, ‘What is SEO and how does it work‘ or ‘how to increase my website traffic‘, or you simply want to learn search engine optimisation, then the SEO Pulse is the right place to be. 

In this email course, we’ll share our knowledge on this important aspect of online marketing. 

This course is a fast and easy way to grab the fundamentals as well as strategies that worked for us. These strategies helped us rank several of our pages on Google and increase our web traffic. 

About the author

Jason Bholanauth is the Founder of Inbound Mauritius and Digital Marketing Mauritius. He also works as a Senior Digital Marketer at a Big 4 in Mauritius. 


In this lesson, you’ll receive a brief overview of what exactly is Search Engine Optimisation. You’ll read about how 10X-ing your content is crucial and how it helped us rank several of our own materials on Google.

It is better to build your SEO strategy on rock, rather than on sand. In this class, you’ll get the foundations of what exactly is Search Engine Optimisation and the generic terms you need to know. We are also going to share our own 7 steps SEO Process.

Keyword research is one main component in the SEO journey. We’ll teach you how to use several tools and above all share few tips to get it right.

How do you differentiate yourself from everyone else? In this class, we’ll teach you the exact process on how we created our best pages and our 10X journey. 

In this class, we’ll show you how we applied Gary Vee’s content distribution strategy to our very own content. You’ll learn about micro-content as a way to making your content known to all. 

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