Digital Marketing Salary Index Survey 2022

An analysis of digital marketers salary satisfaction and marketing department maturity in Mauritius.

Key Findings

Discover the key findings below and download the full report for an in-depth analysis of the salary and digital marketing maturity levels. 


Earn a salary between 21,000 to 25,000. Discover the salary range. 


Are not satisfied with their current salary.


Are expecting salary increments from their current and future employers. 


Say they have a defined digital marketing strategy but works in silos.



Say they are likely to change employers in the 12 months. 


Say they are not rewarded for their performance.

Executive Summary

The Digital Marketing Salary Index Survey comes at a time where the industry is challenged by socio-economic factors. With it, higher expectations from businesses towards marketers. In fact, the function is moving towards becoming an integral part of strategic conversations. 

However, a lot is yet to be done; mainly in supporting the digital marketing activities, salary, and the awareness of the profession itself to bridge the gap between expectations and what / how to deliver on digital. 

This year’s report also bridges the gap between salary satisfaction and the first ever assessment of the digital marketing maturity in Mauritius. We took stock of progress on 6 key areas for digital marketing which brought us back to reality. 


Jason Bholanauth

Jason Bholanauth

Founder of Digital Marketing Mauritius

First of its kind in Mauritius

Digital Marketing Maturity Assessment


Tools and Platforms

Say their tools and platforms is Ad-hoc development. Siloed tools for channels like email, social media, & website.



Say they have a defined digital marketing strategy but work in silos.



Say leadership views digital as an omnichannel useful to grow audience, wants to be involved in digital projects, and allocates resources and finance.

More about Digital Marketing Maturity Assessment findings in the full report

Download the full report

The full report features our analysis on salary satisfaction and digital marketing maturity in Mauritius

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