The Marketing Mauritian Podcast | Insights & Strategies

The Marketing Mauritian Podcast A podcast series providing you with insightful content from proven and credible marketers in Mauritius.  By Jason Bholanauth Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on email Email Listen on Apple Podcast Listen on Google Podcast Listen on Spotify How to pivot your B2B messaging […]

How Mauritians moved during lockdown 2021

How were Mauritians moving during the lockdown 2021? Using a combination of datasets, the following charts were created to picture the relation between Mauritians’ mobility and COVID-19 cases.

Google Core Web Vitals – Webinar

Webinar | 12th May 2021 @ 7pm Google Core Web Vitals Google Core Web Vitals are set to be rolled out mid-June and they might impact websites’ ranking. In this webinar, we’ll cover these new metrics and show you how how to optimise websites in a practical way to meet new performance requirements from Google.  […]

What lies ahead in Mauritius’ digital landscape?

One year later, and we are still talking about COVID-19 and its repercussions on different fronts. This isn’t going to change anytime soon as the virus altered the way businesses think and react to constantly changing customer behaviors.These profound changes have also urged the digitisation of various sectors, including traditional ones, to build resilience.  This […]

Marketing Marketers in Mauritius

Marketing Marketers Helping Marketers in Mauritius stand out identifying the sweet spot of personal branding and addressing their key challenges as professionals. Read the why behind > You are not called to be average… Welcome to Marketing Marketers. “The market is saturated”, “Everyone is better than me”, “How can I be different”.  If you’ve been asking […]

How to do keyword research?

Created OnJanuary 7, 2021Last Updated OnJanuary 17, 2021byJason Bholanauth Print Main Keyword Research How to do keyword research? How to do keyword research for SEO? If everything starts with few words on Google, keywords within content helps to your audience finds you. So, how to know exactly what words to use in your copy which […]

How to make your URLs SEO friendly?

If everything starts with some words on Google, then everything else continues with good URLs. Are your URLs SEO friendly and driving traffic to your website? If not, here are a few steps on how to get them right.

What is on-site SEO?

Created OnJanuary 5, 2021Last Updated OnJanuary 6, 2021byJason Bholanauth Print Main The Basics What is on-site SEO? What is On-site optimisation? On-site SEO is the process of optimising existing elements on a website. The end purpose being to rank the website among the top results on Google. On-site optimisation usually consist of optimising both your […]

SEO Pros Learning Corner

State of Digital Marketing Mauritius 2020-21 State of Digital Marketing (Mauritius) 2020-21 Ahead in the New… Read More September 4, 2020 SEO Pulse Bootcamp for beginners – Inbound Mauritius SEO Pulse Learn more on Search Engine Optimisation strategies to… Read More May 11, 2020 SEO Uncovered SEO Uncovered Learn the full process of search engine […]

Trends shaping Marketing in Mauritius in 2021

Trends shaping Marketing in Mauritius - Digital Marketing Mauritius

What a year 2020 has been!! We went from working in our office to embracing working from home. In fact, COVID-19 tested organisations and individuals resilience within an economic downturn.  For marketers, it was a challenging period to adapt and navigate the uncertainties of the New Normal. Changing customer behaviours, decreasing budget, and retention were […]