Marketing Marketers

Helping Marketers in Mauritius stand out identifying the sweet spot of personal branding and addressing their key challenges as professionals.

You are not called to be average…

Welcome to Marketing Marketers.

“The market is saturated”, “Everyone is better than me”, “How can I be different”. 

If you’ve been asking yourself these questions regardless of whether you are new or experienced in marketing, you are at the right place.


I recently surveyed local marketers to know more of their top challenges both within their workplace and on a personal level.

These findings fueled the why of creating Marketing Marketers; an initiative to help marketers find actionable solutions to these challenges.


To give you a glimpse at the results:

The 1 minute Pitch

Marketing Marketers is an initiative to help local marketers discover the avenues of digital marketing, navigate the market, tackle in-house challenges, and above all stand out in an already saturated market.  


How we are going to help:


Live webinars upon registration featuring local marketers.


An email series helping you with the latest resources to stand out.


Podcasts sharing honest thoughts on how to overcome barriers.

Accepting subscriptions for the official launch in April 2021. Register below

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Jason Bholanauth is the Founder of Inbound Mauritius and Digital Marketing Mauritius. (LinkedIn)

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