Your marketing conversion depends on copywriting


Not going to play around or talk about SEO.

Copywriting is the right technique to master if you want conversion.

Words, sentences, verbs. We’ve been seeing, reading and hearing them since centuries, and even before.

We came a long way since our drawings on cave walls. Back then, caves supported copywriting in its native form.

Today, we live in a world where we look at screens over 10hrs daily. CRAZY

So, you got it…

Copywriting is one of the biggest “inventions” of our time and the best thing is that it is still going through a turmoil of changes every day.

In this post, I am going to take you through several easy-peasy ways to improve your conversion through copywriting.

But, few things first…

  • This is definitely not a quick-fix. Copywriting is serious.
  • I’ve tested these strategies. Talk to me and I’ll show you how to do it yourself.
  • Adapt these points to your business. What worked for me might not work for you.
  • But, the principles and approaches stay the same.

Remember ONE thing, it is ALL about a CONVERSATION between YOU and YOUR audience that will drive CONVERSION. 

Now, that you and I are set on these, let’s do this.

Keep it simple. You don’t want to sound too Shakespeary

Here’s the truth. People don’t have time to read lengthy essays that you wrote to rank (Yes, everyone says, you need 1000+ words to have better ranking chances). The reason: We don’t have time.

You also have users more accustomed to mobile so you would want them to have maximum information in just 2-3 swipes.

Write as you talk. That’s the best advice I can give you.

If you are writing and you feel like it doesn’t sound YOU, just stop and get back to it later on.

Start showing and stop telling

Did it ever happen to you that you’ve read a lengthy content and, by the end, you didn’t understand a clue? So, you just go back and Google your question again.

By trying to “submerge” their audience with massive content, sometimes marketers forget to give solution(s) to match their audience’s intent.

So, stop overly telling what you do, start showing it. And there are many ways to do it. Here’s one of my preferred examples:

MailChimp –

MailChimp is quite a nice example when it comes to good copywriting. The reason is its ability to convey maximum information with minimum copy and a lot of visual aids.

In the screenshot above, I really like the little Gif that strikes out the idea of simplicity while using the tool.

What it conveyed to me: I can send better emails and its quite easy from what I can see. Just some click and drag.

In this example, MailChimp actually used their own product to concretely show what it is all about and how to use it.

Be accurate

We want answers and we want them clear because confusion creates frustration and frustration results in no clicks on your call to action.

The fact is if you become more persuasive if you are precise enough in your content. Here’s a quick example.


There are a lot of companies in Mauritius looking for some help in email marketing. We are here to provide email services and make sure you convert.


In 2018, 55% of Mauritian companies were looking for email marketing services. We’ve listened and helped them achieved an average of 60% conversion via email.

I’m pretty sure you’d click on the Find more button for the second sentence. More clicks = higher chances of converting.

I also believe that being accurate and showing the big picture during an onboarding phase is critical to increasing conversion. Here’s a nice example from the recently launched Winner’s website.

In this example, they give important information as to what’s next. Though I believe this could have been better represented, it still conveys the message all customers would want to read.

And, most importantly in a relatively short format. One thing, you could take out from this is to always show what’s next in your onboarding funnel. 

Interlude of this post.

You reached here and I’d like to have a quick recap. So far, I gave you 3 essential tips:

  1. Keep it simple;
  2. Show don’t tell; and
  3. Be accurate

I have 2 more tips which you surely don’t want to miss.

Let’s get back to it

Speak to them and not to you

Cool content from me: 30 SEO friendly copywriting tips

Very often, we tend to write on topics we master. We know the jargons, the processes, and all the details.

But, in this self-centered journey, we’ve put the core of every marketing strategies—the audience. 

Here’s where your knowledge about search marketing can come in handy. You absolutely need to know your audience as if they were your family.

This includes their everyday habits, consumption pattern or what they rant about on social media and even their frequent search.

One way to do it is to do simple keyword research and try to include them in your content.

Yet again, there’s more.

Or rather, by doing keyword research you are only doing the basic and it is not guaranteed that you will rank.

What matters today is context. Know why your audience is looking for, let’s say, cat food and create topical content around it.

Search marketing changed a lot over the past few years and Google is becoming smarter than ever before.

For you and me, this means tougher to rank for our content. We can sit, appreciate a good coffee and talk about your SEO strategy.

But, there need to be good coffee ☕ (Ping me by clicking here)

Tell a story

As human beings, we are wired to pay attention to stories. We connect with them more easily compared to monotonous sales pitches.

One way to do it is to use storytelling. Basically, actual facts of how your product concretely solved someone else problem. In a way, your audience will relate to stories matching their own experiences.

A few years back, I bought my first smartphone. Back then, these devices were a craze and everyone was talking about it.

But, the thing is, even if there was massive marketing done, I still went to my friend and ask for reviews.

See, we are easily convinced by stories or reviews from actual people and how products and services helped them to live better.

We connect and don’t want to miss on great opportunities.

And my friends, that’s why marketing use testimonials, ratings or reviews in campaigns. The main reasons are to inspire potential buyers and trigger the action of buying by creating trust. 


Copywriting is an art. And, like any art content, it carries emotions to which we connect.

As I said earlier, copywriting is one of the most powerful techniques to increase your conversion and make more money.

Yet, it is something that is adaptive and can be learned. 

Fact, when I made the naive decision of blogging a few years back, I didn’t have a clue if I was on the right track. But, I optimize my content and this won me my first job.

Conversion also happens to you.

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