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Whether you are planning to create an event or already fling yourself into it, at some point you will need to consider how to promote it before, during and after. In this blog post, we give you tips on how you can increase your social reach in these three critical steps using digital marketing.
Digital marketing is one essential aspect you shouldn’t neglect while planning an event. The main reason is the fast pace at which it is growing. In fact, nowadays people have access to huge amount of information. So, how to use the right channels to get them to your event? Let’s break it down to the three steps of your event.
Before the event
The big thing in this phase is the promotion of your event. You will definitely need to plan for your different resources such as landing pages, email and social media plans and eventually the talents as well as budget.
With these things in mind, you will be able to set up a good digital marketing strategy to attract your audience to your event.
This is where you provide information about the event to your audience. Consider the 10 essential questions to ask from the audience perspective and use your answers to fuel your digital marketing strategy.

  1. What is the event all about?
  2. When is it happening?
  3. Where will it happen?
  4. How to participate in the event?
  5. Who will be at the event?
  6. Why should I come to the event?
  7. Any contact details?
  8. Who are the sponsors?
  9. Who is organizing the event?
  10. What is so special about it?

With these precious answers in hand, you will be able to shape your marketing resources to provide clarity of the event to your audience. Remember, you should not leave any blurred areas.
Here are some components you will need before the event

1. Dedicated Page

A dedicated page can be a web page or a Facebook event where your audience receives all the information pertaining to your event. The idea is to drive traffic from different funnels to your dedicated page where you will provide more information about your event.


You also need to provide action-oriented content whereby your audience is channelled to take a unique decision. In this case, book their seat to your event.

You may use Eventbrite or the usual Facebook Event.


2. Social Media Marketing

Among the useful tools which definitely add to the success of your event is the correct use of social media accounts to spread the word about your event and drive traffic to your dedicated page.

So, how to promote your event through social media?

  • Have your page branded to your event theme.
  • Create cool graphics so your team can share within their network. We recommend Canva for this.
  • Engage your audience in your different posts. We really like Thunderclap. This free tool provides an easy way for your audience to become your event promoters by donating their social reach.


3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is also essential for the promotion of your event. It is a fact, that this medium has a high ROI and simply can’t be overlooked.

Based on the different funnels your audience came from, you need a set of email templates to entice them to attend your event.

For instance, someone who knows your event via social media, have a different intent from someone who searched and signed up for your event in an organic way. Hence, the content and the design, of the emails should be different.

Getting in touch with your sponsors and your attendees’ emails would be totally different. One easy tool that comes in handy here is Mailchimp email software.


4. Content Marketing

Content marketing is all around when it comes to creating the fuss around your upcoming event. Start by crafting a content marketing plan which includes interviews, short videos about the event and its making of or eventually a series of teasers.
Another great idea is to have some blog posts around the event’s theme and distribute them throughout the different channels mentioned above.
Porlwi by Light content marketing plan was among the best in 2016. In fact, it included videos, blog posts, interviews with a great sense of connecting the audience to the festival via the Mauritian culture.
During the event
Now that you reached the D-Day of your event, how to keep its reach high? Here are some quick advice from us.

1. Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, all allows users to make live coverage of their event. For instance, you may stream your event live on Facebook and Snapchat while engaging your followers on Twitter with a unique hashtag.
Let’s take it further. Consider the following

  • Live coverage of the event via key takeaways.
  • Give prizes to the most engaged follower.
  • Broadcast live interviews of your attendees.

2. Email Marketing

Send an email to your invitees who didn’t turn up to your event, inviting them to engage in the conversation on social media or eventually join the event.
After the event
Now that your event is done, time to push on the memories button. Share your pictures and videos on your different channels. For instance, you can consider our Top 10 After-Events Amazing (Yet Logical) Things To Do.

  1. Thank each and every of your sponsors. You should also send them the pictures and videos. In case you are sending out a report, make sure your sponsors know how you gave them exposure.
  2. Have an after-event video that plays on emotions.
  3. Organize your pictures and ask your followers to tag themselves.
  4. Send out a social media “Thank you” message.
  5. Inform your followers when is the next event happening. You may have a countdown that you send via email and publish on your different channels.
  6. Engage your followers by asking for feedback and what can you improve for the next event.
  7. Write a series of blog posts for around your event.
  8. Carry out a feedback meeting with your team.
  9. Balance your budget.
  10. Go over the analytics to have your overall reach on the internet.


Creating an event is a hectic process where you need to double your efforts before, during and after. The success depends on how clear you are on your objectives and how you manage to make optimum use of all your resources. Digital marketing is definitely not something to overlooked considering the reach it can bring to your brand and your event.

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