What can you learn from the Top 10 Twitter Users in Mauritius?

Who are the leading profiles on Twitter in Mauritius?
We’ve analysed the Top 10 users and outlined our finding s in this blog post. 

By Jason Bholanauth

At the end of 2018, Twitter accounted for an approximate 26 800 users in Mauritius. The social media platform is among the least used. Yet, there’s a lot to learn from the top 10 Mauritian profiles on how they lead.

Recently the State of Social Media in Mauritius pointed out that Twitter is set to gain market share, particularly for organisations and individuals willing to reach a global audience.

In this blog post, I am going to provide some interesting figures on how the Top 10 Mauritian profiles are using Twitter to maintain a global presence.

Which are the Top 10 Twitter profiles?

According to SocialBakers, Ryan Nagen (@ryannagen) leads with a followers base of 32, 570. However, this account tweeted only 1,545 times compared to the massive 70, 631 tweets from L’Express.mu (@lexpressmaurice). 

  1. Ryan Nagen (@ryannagen)
  2. Air Mauritius (@airmauritius)
  3. Mauritius Tourism (@SeeMauritius)
  4. Beachcomber Hotels (@Beachcomber_)
  5. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim (@aguribfakim)
  6. L’express (@lexpressmaurice)
  7. Mauritius Telecom (@telecom_mu)
  10. Investors Europe (@investorseurope)

How many followers do they have?

Twitter Profile Count - Mauritius - Digital Marketing

As mentioned, Ryan Nagen leads with a total of 32, 580 followers while Air Mauritius and Mauritius Tourism complete the podium with 24, 444 and 23, 829 followers respectively.

Having a big followers base is good but eventually quality is what matters. So, I ran a “Follower Quality Distribution” audit of these top profiles using SparkToro.

This analysis goes through 2000 random followers accounts of the main account and gives an indication of their “fakeness” using 25+ criteria. Below are my results for the 4 main criteria.

Followers - Inbound Mauritius - Digital Marketing

This analysis gives an indication of how engaged your audience is with the content you publish. It also helps to detect bots or spam accounts. 

How many profiles are these Top 10 following?

While gaining followers takes time, building your audience is crucial to your engagement. 

Digital Marketing Mauritius - Twitter Profiles - Social Media

Ryan Nagen still leads with a total of 18546 accounts followed. This represents a ratio of 1.7 following : 1 followers. 

Who tweeted the most?

Twitter’s feed is quite dynamic. Twitter may add content it deems to be popular even from outside your followers base. It uses several signals such as how engaged is your audience to the content. 

To cut through the noise, you’ll need to constantly publish content worth sharing and informative. 

In this article, I described the model I created to create content from your purpose (Read it here)

Digital Marketing Mauritius - Twitter Profiles - Social Media

L’express tweeted the most 70,631 times followed by Investors Europe with 60,217 tweets. In the hospitality industry, I noticed Beachcomber Hotels has a strong Twitter presence with a follower base of 15,801 and a tweeted 17,130. 

How engaged is their respective audience?

Average likes per Tweets

Digital Marketing Mauritius - Social Media - Twitter

The official Twitter account of Maurice C’est un Plaisir has an average of 16.52 likes per tweets which are by far the most compared to the other profiles. 

Percentage of tweets which are retweeted

Digital Marketing Mauritius - Social Media - Twitter - Profiles

Ameenah Gurib-Fakim tweets are the most retweeted among the Top 10 with 34.1% of content being shared. 

The top tweets I liked




About this analysis

Data collected on 01/07/19
Tools used for analysis: Google Suite, SocialBakers and SparkToro
Analysis was done on 07/07/19

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