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Content marketing is essential for organisations in Mauritius. It requires constant updates and alignment to current trends. 

Added to this, the number of new touch-points created which are blending technology to the customers’ direct surroundings.

The old content marketing is dead. This post is going to explain how to adapt to it.


In 2015, Gartner released their annual Digital Marketing Hype Cycle. The model points out the trends of various niches in the digital spectrum.


While content marketing saw a net investment over the previous years, it is now on the decline. 


Businesses are spending less on content marketing. That’s scary for content marketers.


Is content marketing really going to fade away? Definitely not, but the old way of doing content marketing is surely going to push brands in an isolated area where there is a disconnect between them and their customers.

Several reasons led to such a declining movement. According to me, we are so used to the old way of doing content marketing that we have omitted the importance of syncing with how customers purchase today.

Beyond this,


  • We’ve been focusing a lot on our campaigns and less on understanding the real needs of our customers. The drive for this is our urge to get results fast to see the benefits.
  • The online marketplace is busier than ever before and this sometimes was put on the second-row seats. The fact is, over the past 5 years, we’ve been creating more content than ever before and it is a challenge to stand out for brands.
  • The indifference of customers to common things led to brands struggling to cut it through the jam of internet publishing. The key is to surprise the customers ultimately.
  • While the needs of customers have not really changed, we are all seeking self-actualization, the new customers are shaped by their surroundings. And, this includes the internet, online conversations and many more interactions which are in real-time.


So, how to adapt your content strategy to the new customer?

The amazing thing about the era we are living in is definitely technology. We now have access to a plethora of tools and resources to know accurately what customers are looking for.


As I described in this article, we went from a linear customer funnel to a circular one with so many touchpoints which are both online and offline. This shift urges us, marketers, to redefine how we build up content relationships with our customers.

Here are 3 ideas to get to the heart of your customers and help content marketing be a good asset for your brand.


Try adaptive content marketing

Unlike the old content marketing which sent out the same message across all devices, adaptive content marketing, as the name suggests, adapts itself to several elements.

It goes beyond the usual responsive designs of our websites and includes the device, the context and most importantly, the person. The aim of content marketers adopting this approach is to enhance the whole experience of the customers making it a seamless one.


Measure your touchpoints

As I mentioned earlier, the number of touchpoints has drastically increased over the past 10 years. We went from traditional channels to a real spider web of devices. According to the Global Web Index (GWI), the typical digital customer is connected to an average of 3.64 devices (Men: 3.70; Women: 3.57).

This represents a huge opportunity to disseminate information is an adaptive way. However, it is not only about sending your content out there and forget about it. That would be playing a game of luck. Here is where real-time tracking comes in handy for content marketers nowadays.

With tools such as Google Analytics for website tracking, Hootsuite for social media and Cyfe as a standard dashboard, marketers are able to monitor the performance of their touchpoints and tweak where required.


Map your content to the customer journey

The circular customer journey is happening and is quite connected to the multiple touchpoints I described above. As content marketers, we can’t have one single message sent out to these touchpoints anymore.

The main reason being your customers have different intent and went through different marketing funnel before reaching to you. Their behaviours differ as well as their expectations towards the interaction they want.

Concretely, someone interacting with your Facebook chat bot expects fast and short answers to their queries. Similarly, someone googling your brand name expects to find descriptive content in different formats talking about the solutions.


The challenge: Have a proper content mapping for each touchpoint taking into consideration the different phases of a typical customer funnel.


Your hot take away is ready

Content marketing is evolving fast and it should be a concern for all brands. The amount of information we consume on a daily basis represents a huge opportunity for brands to convey their message. New customers have different expectations towards brands beyond purchase. From adopting adaptive content marketing to doing proper content mapping, brands should be continuously on the lookout and engage with customers.

Do you think this post says it all? Let me know in a comment below.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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