State of Social Media in Mauritius Report

Between likes and shares A comprehensive ebook on the State of Social Media Marketing in Mauritius. Special mention to local digital marketers who shared their views on the future of social media marketing. Get your copy The State of Social Media in Mauritius How is Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels growing in Mauritius? […]

The top 12 situations where digital marketers get frustrated.

Our life as digital marketers is not so rosy and not very often like a walk on Canne’s red carpet. We go from a happy moment to hectic nights and hours of work trying to find workable solutions. I recently launched a poll on the official group of┬áDigital Marketing Mauritius, which I created but quickly […]

Before you start learning digital marketing, read this.

´╗┐ When I first started in digital, I had no idea how deep this could be. I constantly swayed between my willingness to learn more and the danger of learning everything and anything. I was frustrated for not having enough time to learn and being 2 steps behind trending strategies or digital marketing updates. This […]