Internet statistics for Mauritius

Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn According to Statistics Mauritius, Internet usage grew massively over the past few years. Yet, it may be that only a specific gender is getting easy access.   Internet usage in Mauritius While the number of internet users is increasing […]

Donald Trump is an incredible marketer!

Donald Trump is the 45th elected President of the United State. Against all the odds, the billionaire, sometimes regarded as an infamous person, has managed to get to the White House by overcoming Hillary Clinton. So, how can someone with little popularity, no particular experience in politics and startling declaration become the leader of one […]

Why does my Photoshop stop responding when I tried to use Illustrator?

“Not Responding”  whether you are in the design world, a common individual or a tech-savvy, this is one of the most annoying messages that you can get while using your software. Recently, a really cool gif appeared on Facebook and I thought why not shed some light on this. So, Why does my Photoshop stop responding […]

8 Public Speaking Tips from Ted Talks (Infographic)

Public Speaking is considered as the number one fear from individuals. How to make sure that you are armed to face the audience and deliver the best speech of your life. Here are 8 tips we learned from Ted Talks.

Managing studies and work at the same time in Mauritius?

This is probably the one question most “working students” ask themselves at some point in time – How to manage between going to classes and working? Whether it is by necessity or for acquiring experience, it can sometimes be challenging for an individual to juggle between the copy books and the work meetings. So how to […]

Customer Engagement | Best Practices in Mauritius (Free Ebook)

Why of this ebook Customer Engagement has become essential as more information is shared and consumed over the internet. The time to make choices is now very short. As such, companies need to be where their customers are and perfectly engage them in a collaborative environment. What is in the ebook? This ebook covers various […]

[Pokemon Go] Impressive Insights for Marketers

It’s no more a secret, Pokemon Go is the new craze. With very little marketing, the app managed to gain in popularity and even surpass Snapchat in the race to augmented reality. So, what does this mean for marketers and how to respond to this disruptive technology which is virtual reality? Here are some ideas.  […]

Pokemon Go – What you need to know

       Pokemon Go gained a massive boost since its launch in the US, surpassing Snapchat at the same time. Social media is filled with pictures of players racing frantically in the streets to catch those famous virtual “Pokemon characters”. Likewise, Pokemon Go reached Mauritius and has started to gain in popularity. What should you know […]

Your family will now see your posts on Facebook! _pe.subscribe(); Facebook recently announced its willingness to go back to the initial values of its News Feed. In fact, the most famous social network published a post in its Newsroom about changes it will implement in News Feed’s ranking algorithm. More of your parents, friends and less of news. What is this all about […]

Marketing as a major? This is what you should know

It is the time for new university students to enrol for their major. This is one of the most important moments in the life of an individual as it will lay the base to a professional journey, or not. Among all these students, there are the Marketing students. If you are reading this blog post, […]