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Why does my Photoshop stop responding when I tried to use Illustrator?

“Not Responding”  whether you are in the design world, a common individual or a tech-savvy, this is one of the most annoying messages that you can get while using your software. Recently, a really cool gif appeared on Facebook and I thought why not shed some light on this. So, Why does my Photoshop stop responding […]

Customer Engagement | Best Practices in Mauritius (Free Ebook)

Why of this ebook Customer Engagement has become essential as more information is shared and consumed over the internet. The time to make choices is now very short. As such, companies need to be where their customers are and perfectly engage them in a collaborative environment. What is in the ebook? This ebook covers various […]

Your family will now see your posts on Facebook! _pe.subscribe(); Facebook recently announced its willingness to go back to the initial values of its News Feed. In fact, the most famous social network published a post in its Newsroom about changes it will implement in News Feed’s ranking algorithm. More of your parents, friends and less of news. What is this all about […]

Proven! Why millennial marketers will be the most successful in Mauritius

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you why I believe millennial marketers are going to be the most successful. Every year, thousands of students enroll for marketing courses in Mauritius. The main reason is the opportunity of securing a marketing job after 3-4 years of studies. So, why millennial marketers will be the most […]

3 Steps to shift Instagram account on the same phone

Now, this is something we were all waiting for. Enough of login out to login on a different Instagram account or using external applications such as Gramblr to manage a different profile.
The world most famous photo application just announced beginning of this week that you will be able to shift from one account to the another on the same smart phone. We tested it and it is so simple that your grandma could use it.

5 Ways to feel better at work

Let’s be honest, a new year has began and its quite difficult for some of us to go back to the cruising speed of working. While our work is slow, we start to have low motivation – going to the extreme of quiting the job. In this new article of Inbound Mauritius, we are going to […]

Top 5 Inbound Marketing Stories of the Week: Question (SEO) Authority

This week’s top article on was written by SEO guru Rand Fishkin , who shares his top five SEO advice pet peeves and encourages readers to contribute their two cents. The recommendations he finds flawed sound good in theory, but he asks us to think about them a little deeper, and think logically … […]

What Flappy Bird taught me about Leadership

Everyone knows about Flappy Bird. The mobile game developed in 2013 by Nguyễn Hà Đông a Vietnamese game developer. The game was published by .GEAR, a small independent game developer also based in Vietnam. Since it’s launch, Flappy Bird was earning $50 000 a day from advertisement though the game was criticized for its level of […]