Mauritius Instagram Influencers exposed!

Who did I analyse?

The starting point was a list of local influencers featured in a blog post. I then asked the social media professionals from Digital Marketing Mauritius to verify and add other influencers. 

How did I do it?

After selecting 19 influencers, I used an API call and other third-party tools such as HypeAuditor, to retrieve over 13,000 Instagram posts details and profile activities. 

What did I discover?

While going through the insights, I managed to find activities trends, compare influencers, find what type of content works best and eventually grade the influencers using existing metrics. Read the findings

The limitations?

The main limitations of this analysis were the recent change in Instagram API making access to historical data difficult. Read more on the limitations and how I overcame them.

Instagram, in a nutshell

According to the State of Social Media Report for Mauritius, Instagram accounted for 250,000 local users at January 2019. Globally, Instagram peaked to the 1M users, outclassing LinkedIn and Twitter, as micro-blog platform. 

With a strong focus on user experience, new features and user-generated content, Instagram rapidly expanded, offering a platform for influencers.

Instagram Posts analysed

To get proper and accurate data, I used the Instagram API to call for the profile details of the selected influencers.

Another direct method which I used is a re-engineered script which I ran using Google Script where my results were sync with a spreadsheet.

This allowed me to gather multiple public data including content type, engagement counts and many more key metrics used in this analysis.

Data collected at 25th July 2019

Followers Count

Who has the most followers? While Om Lombard leads with 140, 409 followers, Cedric Lanappe follows closely with 124, 492. A big follower count often equals to more people seeing the content of  the influencers. According to Influencer Fee, Om Lombard could earn $435 by post while Cedric Lanappe estimated earnings could amount to $400.

Who published the most?

Cedric Lanappe published an outstanding 3264 Instagram posts as at 25th July 2019. The International Make-up Artist is well known in the fashion industry. Even if Om Lombard leads in terms of followers, his activity is quite low. This raised some concerns about the quality of the audience and how engaged are his followers which I will address further down in this analysis report. 

What type of content the influencers published the most?

Videos are still to be fully used by the local influencers. While Instagram released new features such as IGTV, pictures were mostly used by the Influencers; totalling 12,271 posts as at July 2019. 

Besides Cedric Lanappe totalling 3264 images, Delphine Dholah, with her 9007 followers, published 884​ images.

As for videos, Raju Birion published 355 videos which accounted for an enormous 2,646,655 views.

Pictures published

Delphine Dholah, lifestyle blogger posted 884 images as at July 2019. Her content accounted for a total of 1,186,66 likes and 3,716 comments. Visit her Insta.

Videos published

Raju Birion is among the first Mauritian to be recognised by YouTube as a top content creator. He hits the 300 milestone of videos uploaded on Instagram with over 2M views. Visit his Insta.

More metrics...

With more than 13,000 posts to analysed, it was interesting to see what content drove the more engagements; whether it is a like, views or comments. I noticed a higher engagement rate on videos compared to pictures. 

What the 13,000+ posts revealed...

Average likes on post
Average comments on post
Average likes on images
Average comments on images
Average likes on videos
Average comments on videos

Concretely, how did the Influencers performed so far?

Profile NameTotal ContentAVE_CommentsAVE_Likes
Lovely Brunette8298120
My Sweet Mauritius568255
Om Lombard33643560
Raju Birion820181355
Laetitia Darche6488640
Krishna Athal228159
Anne Murielle Ravina7983165
Bastien Here87539345
Neeshi Beeharry308191994
Makuna Matata100292246
Anouchka Kazuel6883301
Cedric Lanappe32645434
Katia Moochooram66315732
Indie Marea31975867
Delphine Dholah9184132
Paul Choy13661456

Data retrieved on 25th July 2019

Engagement Rate

Having a big follower base is great but if your audience is not engaged with your content, you might be creating the wrong content or targeting the wrong audience. In some cases, influencers tend to even buy followers which considerably affect the engagement rate and the audience quality. 

For the purpose of this analysis, I used Upfluence to analyse the engagement rate for the last 12 posts of the mentioned influencers.

Micro influencers are the ones with highest engagement rate while high follower count have only an average of 5% of their audience engaged with their content. 

Engagement Rate of Micro & Macro Influencers

Bastien Here, Neeshi Beeharry, Delphine Dholah and Makuna Matana, though having less followers count have a highly engaged audience. The more followers you have, the lower your engagement rate will be. Can content solve this inversely proportional pattern? 

Unfortunately and fortunately, YES!! Content can reverse this trend. However, it requires quality content that addresses your audience needs. Another strategy would be increasing the “Following” count with an audience having less than 1500 followers. 

This will result in a “condensed” content consumption and hence higher engagement rate. 

How much will a post by these influencers costs you?

Influencers have the ability to build up communities around different areas or topics. But, such crazy amount of content, beyond their personal branding, needs money. Yes, content creation costs!

The chart indicates a potential earning per post that the listed influencers can get. This estimation is based on several aspects of an Instagram account. For instance, it takes into consideration the follower count, engagement rates, sentiment and amount of content published online.

To cut short, the more followers you have, the highest your earnings. But, is follower count enough? I’d think twice before sending the contract out. Because at the end of the day, you’d want engagement!

Estimation done by Influencerfee

What were the influencers saying the most?

Undeniably, Mauritius came up very often in the captions of the 13,000+ Instagram posts. Cedric Lanappe with over 3000 pictures and videos appears the most in this retrieved word cloud. 

It is also interesting to see that most words used revolves around fashion and travel. 

The Methodology of my analysis

I started this analysis on the 25th July 2019 with one thing in mind; Bring real and credible insights for the so called “Influencer Industry”. 

While there are quite a lot of such analysis done, unfortunately these are often not supported with data. 

Talking about data, I used a simple API call, which retrieved public information from the 19 Influencers.

You may also use Google Script and the script on this link, to retrieve individual results for your chosen Influencer. To make sure I am able to effectively tabulate my findings, I used Google spreadsheet. 

What about the limitations?

Though data was easily fetch, I was firstly in a race against the release of Instagram new aspirations to hide Instagram likes in Mauritius. Another challenge was to select the most accurate third party tools. My choice went on HypeAuditor (Paid) and Influencerfee (Free)

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