How To Write a Good Facebook Caption? – Examples From Mauritius


Social media marketing is growing in Mauritius. That’s a fact. So, how to write the best Facebook caption that makes your fans like, comment and share your media? Here are 5 surefire ways to do it like a boss!


To reach an accurate conclusion about our article, we analyzed several Facebook posts from different Facebook pages in Mauritius. This gave us a good overview of what is working and what is not.


1. Keep it Short and Simple

Facebook users spend less time on posts. So, if your post’s caption is literally a paragraph, it might sink into the abyss of Facebook newsfeed without even being read fully by your audience.

Make sure that your caption is as short as possible by removing unnecessary parts while keeping the message true to its core purpose.



2. Have a Clear Call-To-Action

If your caption is action-oriented, keep it clear. We often see businesses putting multiple links on their posts. This distracts your fans from the unique action you want them to take.

There are several types which you may consider in your Facebook Posts. Some are

  • Social Call-To-Action. For eg, Like and Share this post.
  • Links Call-To-Action. For eg, Click on to register for Inbound Mauritius Learning Academy.
  • Tag Call-To-Action, For eg, Tag a friend who likes to sleep late.



3. Play on the visuals

Facebook posts with pictures receive 53% more likes and shares compared to normal text posts. Keep your pictures contrasting and of high quality. The required size for Facebook Newsfeed is 403×403 pixels.



4. Be Relevant

Whether you are in digital marketing or in the food industry, always keep your content relevant to your business niche.
Promoting your products through your Facebook page is good, but having content revolving around your niche and helping your fans find out how your products can ease their life is even better.

Just like Apollo Noodles did, you can blend something trending with your product.



5. It makes people happy

One way to catch the attention of your fans is to make them happy. Make sure that your caption is centered around the idea of making people feel happy to use your product as emotions entice your fans to remember their experience with it.



If you are willing to increase your brand awareness and engagement on Facebook, writing the best caption cannot be taken for granted. In this post, we covered the 5 basics of best case practices adopted by local companies.

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