Exams – How to deal with it?


That’s the period of the year, where you have to juggle between your notes and your sleeping time. You want to put all the chances on your side and have decided to tackle the revision days vehemently. But, how to do this and not freak out?

In this article, we are outlining the best approach to prepare yourself towards nailing your exams. We don’t guarantee that these will work, yet these are general approaches used by most students and it requires dedication, sacrifice and discipline.

Stay away from the ‘Meh’-Heads (MHs)

Meh-Heads - Inbound Mauritius

First on our list is this fundamental equation – Less ‘Meh”-heads is equal to Less Stress. If you don’t know what is a MH – Find the definition below.

A ‘Meh’-Head is a living mammal, most of the time a human being, who lives among students and is also a student. As the name suggest, MH always sounds like Meh. Since the beginning of time, scientists have been able to interpret their calls. ‘Meh’ literally means “ I’m so screwed for the property exam, I have done practically no study at all “. This can take other quonotations such as “I don’t care if I fail ” 

BEWARE!!! Meh-Heads can cause stress, which is contagious. So, better stay away from these.

Say No,  Hell No!

I SAID NO! - Inbound Mauritius

Now that you survived the Meh-Heads, you need to get the skills of saying No. Yes, it requires some guts because you surely don’t want to disappoint that friend who is asking you to go shopping or that aunt who wants you to come over, or even that boyfriend who wants you to meet him. Learn to say no. One piece of advice – As much as the people around you care for you by asking you to be part of their plans, they should also care for your studies. After all, You are the only one sitting for your exams. So learn to say No!

Play the Extra Time

It is 22 00 and Game of Thrones is starting. But, too bad you have to revise. Yes, the choice is hard. But, which one is more important? – Watch some gruesome death (Yeah it’s cool) or give some 30 minutes extra time to your revision which could prove to be really fruitful at the end of the day? Your choice.

Relaxxxx, take it easy

Exams period are no reason to miss out on your leisure time. Though this period requires some sacrifices, you should also allocate some time to yourself. Breathe, Listen to music, bake and meet some friends. It is important not to be completely into your revision.
That’s all dear students. We wish you good luck for your exams. May the odds be with you but remember hard work eventually pays. 

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