Email Marketing : How to increase your conversion rate?

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Email marketing proved to be among the top converting digital marketing mediums over the past few years.

Nowadays, marketers can directly target their audience in their privacy, that is directly in their inbox. 

This red-eye shot, however, requires some good strategies in place.

In this article, I will cover the Top 3 to-dos for email marketing. Ready? Here we go.

1. Good copywriting is a must.

Emails with no proper copywriting tend to convert less compared to well structured ones.

You certainly have come across some email content that really makes you want to buy the product or simply click on a button or a link.

But, here’s the thing — copywriting is not so simple.

It is surely not only about forming some sentences, hoping your readers will take an action.

We often fail to acknowledge that our emails are not really converting and this incur time, money and efforts invested into something not really working out.

Fortunately, I came across some techniques and tested them. Among them is the PAS structure which is quite straight forward and easy to implement. 

Let me define it…

Identify the problem is the part of your email where you clearly state the problem that your customers are facing.

Agitate the problem is where you make the link between the problem and its effects over something your customers value the most.

Provide the solution is the part of your email where you provide your unique solution.
If these are still confusing for you, let me give you a concrete example.

In this example, from Post Planner, the email does not contain much text but it follows a proper PAS structure leading to an obvious call-to-action.

2. Good timing leads to good open rates

Above are the figures from the Growbot campaign where I targeted a B2B audience.

3. Personalisation adds another layer to the experience.

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