Donald Trump is an incredible marketer!


Donald Trump is the 45th elected President of the United State. Against all the odds, the billionaire, sometimes regarded as an infamous person, has managed to get to the White House by overcoming Hillary Clinton. So, how can someone with little popularity, no particular experience in politics and startling declaration become the leader of one of the most powerful nations in the world? Well, marketing is the reason behind.

Omitting his sometimes controversial character, Donald Trump would certainly be a really good marketer.We even thought of hiring him – no just kidding, this guy is worth billions. His extravagances and his ability to be sensational has won him votes to become the next POTUS. So, what can we learn from this businessman in terms of marketing? Here are our 3 top points analysis.

  1. Stay Focus

Trump campaign was built on one main point. To provide jobs to the Americans. So far so good. But, where it becomes nasty is the willingness of Mr. Trump to deport all the illegal immigrants and to built a wall between the USA and Mexico. Times and again, he focused on that particular point which became his punching bag.


This approach of always staying focused is greatly important in marketing as it helps you target your message to one particular market. You can’t please everyone, that’s a fact and this is what Donald Trump did – Focusing his message on one single aspect which he believed was detrimental to the United State of America. So much so, that the citizens started to believe in that particular message. But, is it the truth?

  1. Going the opposite

Unlike other candidates, Trump doesn’t have any political background. For someone running for POTUS, you will expect him or her to have a minimum experience in the field. That’s the first opposite movement of Trump. In fact, there are a lot more. But, to name a few. Donald Trump does everything opposite to what is expected from a candidate running for president. So, no sweet talks or ultra prepared speeches for little Trumpy. This guy speaks his mind.


This also applies to successful marketing campaigns and entrepreneurial ventures. Marketing is a battle of ideas and the trendsetters are not always right. Most of the time, new marketers try to emulate market leaders and hence do more or less the same thing. But, here’s the thing, your probability of being different is almost nil.

In its early age, Coca-Cola was the market leader and hence became the favorite drink of the older generation. Pepsi came out of nowhere and decided to target the younger generation and hence became the market leader promoting joy and happiness.

  1. Bad advertising is still advertising

It is quite obvious, most media in the world hate Trump. His disastrous comments towards immigrants, women and mostly news reporters made him become the most hateful figure in the recent months. This wave of publicity after each of his declaration has helped him to be in front of the plot. Added to that, social media also added to that with several memes, gifs and videos which portrayed Trump as a “not so up-to-date” person.


When applied to the marketing field, publicity, whether good or bad, puts a brand forward. Through blogging, social-media and a proper optimized website, marketers spread the word about their brands. The idea is to be where your audience is.

So, Trump the good Marketer?

Undeniably, this guy is a good marketer. No wonder he managed to build his empire so fast and today is worth billions. His unusual character and presence made him an iconic figure in the American presidency race which was quite close with Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump is not someone possessing great experience in politics and his campaign points are questionable. Nevertheless, his ability to be upfront made him gain precious votes to the White House as he portrayed himself as someone having the real American ideology inborn.

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