Whether it is entry or experienced level, digital marketing jobs in Mauritius are booming. We can see it every week with companies publishing several vacancies. 

From social media marketing, which is the most in-demand one, to SEO, companies are looking for individuals with the right digital skills to manage their online presence.


In this blog post, I’ll outline a few industry realities, which are often not so outspoken. We are going to speak about salary, skills and the top industries hiring.


Digital Marketing salaries in Mauritius

Recently, I worked closely with the Digital Marketing Mauritius (DMM) team to release the first dedicated survey on salaries for digital marketers in Mauritius. We wanted to understand if local marketers were happy with their salary.


We surveyed 100+ local professionals from different companies, hierarchy and roles. 

What came out of the report?

The Digital Marketing Salary Index survey 2019 revealed quite a few interesting figures.

    • 49% of the respondents were women;
    • 21% work in the Technology field;
    • 11% believes a lack of knowledge leads to lower pay rates; and
    • 63% have a Bachelor’s degree.

Digital Marketing Mauritius - Salary

The sad truth is 35% of surveyed marketers said they are not satisfied with their salary. The disparity goes even to gender with male (Rs 32 597/month) and female (Rs 27 136/month) as average monthly salary.

What is the benchmark salary for digital marketers in Mauritius?

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Get the full Digital Marketing Salary Index survey 2019 report


Digital Marketing skills you should have

Salaries are closely linked to the skills you have. According to the Salary survey, 11% mentioned a lack of knowledge is behind low salaries.

I also noted that most digital marketers who responded to the survey have common skills. These were social media marketing, search engine optimisation and broadly content marketing.

The role of digital marketers is in constant evolution. It now contributes majorly to the ROI of the whole organisation.

The trends indicate an increase in data-driven and innovative approach to marketing. However, purpose-driven marketing remains a top focus area for organisations due to a change in customers’ online behaviour.

Some top skills you need to have to succeed as a digital marketer.

Above and beyond functional knowledge, modern marketers are expected to become a business driven person. Read more on the Top 3 skills you’ll need on top of these functional skills. 

What do digital professionals in Mauritius think can make you stand out?

You’ll need more than functional skills to stand out. In fact, marketers are becoming business driven individuals.

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Industries recruiting the most marketers

For some years now, there’s a willingness from industries to be present online. The Digital Marketing Salary Index survey revealed that the Technology field employs most marketers while the Retail Industry employs only 10% of the respondents.

Digital Marketing Mauritius - Marketing Salary


It is not so rosy

Our life as digital marketers is not so rosy and not very often like a walk on Canne’s red carpet. We go from a happy moment to hectic nights and hours of work trying to find workable solutions.

A few months back, I launched a poll on the Digital Marketing Mauritius community. The aim was to gather data about the top frustration from the professionals working in online marketing.

Most members of the group voted for the following as the causes of their frustrations, I will further elaborate on the Top 3 in this post. So, stay with me.

12. Poor Performing Hardware.

11. Outdated software and tools.

10. Long-term branding vision belittled for small term ones.

9. No Trust.

8. No independence resulting from a high hierarchy structure.

7. No risks taking.

6. Dependencies on 3rd parties.

5. Ever-changing requirements.

Read my post on The Top 12 situations where digital marketers get frustrated to find the number one.

Where can you find the latest vacancies?

    1. The Digital Marketing Mauritius Facebook Group;
    2. Koze Jobs;
    3. MyJob.mu;
    4. CareerHub; and
    5. Castille Jobs.



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