Choosing a digital marketing agency in Mauritius

About to choose a digital marketing agency? This is what nobody is talking about.

Whether you own a small business or you are among the Top 100 companies in Mauritius, digital marketing can bring several benefits to delivering your product to your customers.

It is a fact that customers are now going online before purchasing a product. As such, companies are shifting to digital marketing as a way to effectively funnel their customers to their product.

However, with digital skills still to be nurtured in our university graduates, most of the time companies have to turn to already established agencies to craft efficient online marketing strategies. But, how to choose among all the agencies in Mauritius (Among 510 000 to be precise – according to What differentiates them and what to look for in a digital marketing agency?

Where to start looking?

There are various ways to look for a digital marketing agency in Mauritius. One of the easiest ways is, of course, using Google or any other search engine to get the top-ranked agencies in Mauritius. For instance, searching for digital marketing agencies in Mauritius will retrieve 510 000 search results – a wide choice.

Digital Marketing in Mauritius SERP

The experience of working with an agency matters because it plays a fundamental part in ensuring that your expectations are met and that you are growing. Referrals are also a good way to find your digital support.

Indeed, referrals from other companies or peers can help you gain more information about the digital agency itself. These referrals tend to give a better idea of what is it to work with agency x, for instance.

Did they deliver a good product? What was their overall contribution? Do they adhere to our working culture? Referrals help to answer these qualitative questions while putting the agency-to-company experience in the limelight.

Visit their Website

Now that you found a list of potential digital marketing agencies in Mauritius, the next step is to go to their website or Facebook page to get more information about them. By the only look in their different channels, you should be able to identify their forte. For instance, agency x website can highlight their top-notch approach to SEO or Social media on their website.

Websites give credibility and demonstrate the passion of a company. Here are the top 5 things to look for in a digital agency website.

  • Do they have a good work portfolio?
  • What is their forte?
  • Look for testimonials from clients (Beware: Sometimes these are fake as well)
  • Are they registered and legal?
  • Have they won any awards?

Get in touch with the agency

Once you shortlisted the agencies, it’s time to contact them. It is important to ask the right questions at the beginning itself and to set the right expectations.

For instance, you would want the agency to say “yes” only if they are sure they can do it or have the necessary resources to come to the end product.

Build trust by being honest and humble with the agency – You may as well request the same from their side. There is no issue in saying “No” because they show honesty and professionalism.

Let’s not be blind, in some cases, digital marketing agencies usually outsource tasks due to lack of qualified talents or resources.

Outsourcing is not an issue as such. Rather, it is a way of allocating specialized people to work on particular project components. The outcome can be better as compared to a novice working on it.

How to determine the best fit for your company?

Now that you have shortlisted and get the first contact with the Mauritian digital marketing agencies, it is time to determine what will suit your company. Here are the  main steps you need to follow to have your best fit

  • Get your business plan ready
  • Have a list of deliverables
  • Brainstorm with the chosen agency about the feasibility
  • Create a project timeline with clear milestones to reach
  • Ensure continuous communication between you and the agency



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