How Mauritians moved during lockdown 2021

How were Mauritians moving during the lockdown 2021? Using a combination of datasets, the following charts were created to picture the relation between Mauritians’ mobility and COVID-19 cases.

What lies ahead in Mauritius’ digital landscape?

One year later, and we are still talking about COVID-19 and its repercussions on different fronts. This isn’t going to change anytime soon as the virus altered the way businesses think and react to constantly changing customer behaviors.These profound changes have also urged the digitisation of various sectors, including traditional ones, to build resilience.  This […]

Trends shaping Marketing in Mauritius in 2021

Trends shaping Marketing in Mauritius - Digital Marketing Mauritius

What a year 2020 has been!! We went from working in our office to embracing working from home. In fact, COVID-19 tested organisations and individuals resilience within an economic downturn.  For marketers, it was a challenging period to adapt and navigate the uncertainties of the New Normal. Changing customer behaviours, decreasing budget, and retention were […]

Budget 2020-21: What’s in there for Marketers?

Digital Marketing Mauritius

A post co-written with Dooshweena Awatar Budget 2020-21 came at a point where the global economy is at a stall due to COVID-19.  A lot of measures were announced, and in this post, we are going to share how we foresee the future for the marketing function in Mauritius. Are we heading to a gloomy […]

How are Mauritians moving during lockdown? (Wave 2)

Digital MArketing Mauritius - SEO Mauritius

Wave 2 : Saturday 02 May 2020 How are Mauritians moving during lockdown? Data as at: Saturday 02 May 2020 As Mauritius is about to progressively remove the lockdown, local businesses are starting to open and Mauritians are starting to move more.   In Wave 2 of my analysis, I outlined how less (+28%) Mauritians are […]