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2017 is here and while some are starting their career others are now strongly thinking about having a change in their professional life. Either way, one of the basic needs is to have a good Resume. However, you should stop thinking that a resume is only a simple document that you submit to the employer and hope to be called for an interview.
To give you an idea – Employers spend an average of 8 seconds going through a resume, hence you need to make sure that you are seizing this critical moment to get his or her attention.
But, hold on. Why do I need a resume when I can pitch myself?
Your resume is your personal brochure, giving you a chance to show all the attributes that make you the perfect choice for employers. So, better stand out with it and this is how you do it.

1) Tailor your resume

Imagine going to a job interview and having the candidate next to you with the same resume design – How will you feel about it? – You will most probably feel that the employer will notice it and think you lack creativity or simply that you didn’t really spend time working on it.
We are either sending the same resume to several companies or not modifying its structure or design.
Tailoring your resume for each vacancy might be time-consuming but it increases your chances to get the job because you actually cared enough to craft an outstanding resume according to the vacancy.

2) Take care of your layout

Employers are spending less time going through resumes. As such, it is very important to make sure that you lead him or her through on an easy and direct journey to discover your potential.
A well-structured resume makes it easier to read and have a clear idea of who you are. If your resume’s layout is “messy” with information at the wrong place, you give an impression of someone who is not well organised.
So don’t make your resume a burden to read. (Read more on How employers read your CV)
You have skills? So do the other candidate next to you in the waiting room. What differentiates you is how you portray yourself as the best fit for the company through your resume.Employers want to have people who can bring solutions to their companies.
Are you portraying yourself as a solution oriented individual?

4) Keep it Ready and Upgraded

Whether you are looking for a job or not, your resume should be ready. Go through it and remove the non-relevant information and add new skills learnt or new achievements from your side.
There are constantly new skills in demand and that are expected from an employee. Spend time to update your current resume with the latest design trends for this year.
It is also good to have supportive evidence of your different skills. For instance, if you are a passionate blogger, having the link of your different masterpiece in your resume may give you a plus-point.

5) Be Honest

We cannot forget about one of the most important traits employers are looking for – Honesty
If you have the tendency to make your achievements or education path look better than their actual state – Stop it. These little lies and “upgrading” from your side can put you in real trouble during the interview itself or when you join the company.
For instance, what will happen if the employer decides to check your references or background and find out that you lied? You might as well lose the job on the same day you start working. Be honest with yourself.

It takes courage and perseverance to be successful.

These are some of the most useful tips. Download our free Resume templates below and Good luck in your pursuit of your dream job.
Do not want to use templates Contact Us and we will craft a free resume that meets your needs and fits your character.


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