One of the keys of social media marketing is engagement. Social media marketing is increasingly important, but it’s also hard to quantify the results. It’s also important to note that social media marketing is a long-term strategy that relies on relationship building.
If you want to boost your engagement and not have to spend a lot of time, here are a few social media marketing tools that can help:


Socedo is an interesting tool that helps you engage with prospects that fit your goals. You create a template that identifies that type of people you want to follow and engage with, and Socedo identifies them using keywords and other information. Once identified, the tool favorites a tweet, and then later follows the user. It’s also possible to set up automatic direct messages when a prospect follows you back. This is a simple way to get on a prospect’s radar, and have interaction that could turn into a high-quality lead.


If you are looking to boost your social media marketing through blogging, and creating catchy headlines that people want to share and click on, KingSumo can help. This is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to create alternative headlines, and then see which is most likely to succeed. You can get information on the best performing headlines, and then use the best headline for your email marketing or other marketing.
King Sumo


If you have a Buffer account, with BulkBuffer you can enhance your ability to schedule social media posts, as well as save time and energy. As an extension, it allows you to take your buffer efforts to the next level. You can schedule a large number of social posts for an entire week, allowing you to plan and coordinate a social media marketing campaign, as well as upload items in bulk.


Do you like to repost items or engage with others by sending out their useful content? These are both strategies that can help you be seen as a leader in your field, as well get fresh eyes on some of your social posts. Edgar helps you do this by keeping track of all your scheduling. You can add items to the queue to be reposted later; you can also find helpful tidbits from other sources to post to your social accounts. Edgar keeps track of it all for you, allowing you to categorize, schedule, and continue to add other items to your library–including images, other posts and more.


Another powerful social media marketing tool is Mention. If you want to see how your business is perceived online, this tool will help you see when and where you are mentioned in real time, making it easier interact quickly. Mention connects your social media accounts so you can remain engaged to monitor your reputation and respond as necessary. It can help you be more effective in your social media marketing efforts, and appear more engaged.
With the right tools for your business, it’s possible for you to boost your social media engagement, find high-quality leads, and increase your chances of conversion.

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