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SEO Pulse Learn more on Search Engine Optimisation strategies to rank your website top on Google and generate more traffic. Start learning Welcome to SEO Pulse If you’ve been asking yourself, ‘What is SEO and how does it work‘ or ‘how to increase my website traffic‘, or you simply want to learn search engine optimisation, […]

SEO Uncovered


SEO Uncovered Learn the full process of search engine optimisation, keyword research, technical seo, Google ranking, and much more in this live webinar.  What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? SEO has long been a blurry niche for most organisations. What is it and why does it matter today more than ever. During this Facebook Live, […]

How to make your URLs SEO friendly?

If everything starts with some words on Google, then everything else continues with good URLs. Are your URLs SEO friendly and driving traffic to your website? If not, here are a few steps on how to get them right.  While it might seem that URLs are just some kind of door leading to other places, […]

An intro to SEO for beginners

An intro to SEO for beginners

29 Website Design Elements That Kill Your SEO And Conversions

Everyone hopes to choose the right website design elements for creating a visually appealing website that’s easy to use. It’s common knowledge that good web design can boost sales and help with optimization. Yet, there are certain website design elements that could hurt your site. Using any of these negative elements could hinder your website’s […]

Top 5 Inbound Marketing Stories of the Week: Question (SEO) Authority

This week’s top article on was written by SEO guru Rand Fishkin , who shares his top five SEO advice pet peeves and encourages readers to contribute their two cents. The recommendations he finds flawed sound good in theory, but he asks us to think about them a little deeper, and think logically … […]

How are Mauritians moving during lockdown? (Wave 2)

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Wave 2 : Saturday 02 May 2020 How are Mauritians moving during lockdown? Data as at: Saturday 02 May 2020 As Mauritius is about to progressively remove the lockdown, local businesses are starting to open and Mauritians are starting to move more.   In Wave 2 of my analysis, I outlined how less (+28%) Mauritians are […]

How are Mauritians moving during lockdown? (Wave 1)

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Wave 1 : Friday 17 April 2020 How are Mauritians moving during lockdown? Data as at: Friday 17 April 2020 Read the Wave 2 of this analysis with data as at Saturday 02 May 2020 Read Wave 2 Ever since the lockdown in Mauritius, we’ve seen enormous efforts from several stakeholders to enforce social distancing.  […]

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation We make sure you are the first company your target audience sees on Google.  Everything starts with a search on Google. We make sure you are the first company your target audience will see.  Read more > What is Search Engine Optimisation?  Search Engine Optimisation, commonly known as SEO, is a process to […]


From Purpose to Marketing – A model to stand out From Purpose to Marketing is a model created to help organisations to reach out to their audience in the most authentic ways while staying true to the “Why” they exist. If you are looking to go one step ahead of your competitor and be a […]