The Marketing Mauritian Podcast

A podcast series providing you with insightful content from
proven and credible marketers in Mauritius. 

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Une carrière dans le digital à Maurice: Entre salaires et responsabilités avec Kenlay Clair, CEO et Fondateur de

Premiere episode avec Kenlay Clair, CEO and Founder of sur les perspectives d’avenir pour un digital marketer à Maurice

Adrian, how can brands stand the test of time?

Conversation with Adrian Ashton, Group Head of Marketing, Communications & Digital at Trimetys Group 

In this episode, you’ll listen to Adrian as he explains how to build loyalty while improving customer experience and using storytelling.

Jennifer, how to transform the recruitment experience using digital?

Conversation with Jennifer Webb de Comarmond, Director at Proactive Talent Solutions

In this episode, you’ll listen to Jennifer as she explains how the HR function is embracing digital to redefine recruitment experience. 

Alexa, what’s content marketing?

Conversation with Alexa Delmage Avice, Founder and Director at Leap

In this episode, Alexa elaborated on what she thinks content marketing is and how it is evolving in Mauritius. She also provided some key insights on how it can benefit organisations. 

How to build trust with clients?

By Jason Bholanauth

In this first podcast, I am sharing three key actions that you could be doing today to nurture trustworthy relationships with your clients.

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